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What is easy read?

Easy read is just one way of making information more accessible. It is a style of information often chosen by people with learning disabilities, although other groups can find it useful too.

There is no one way to make written information easy read but there are some general guidelines that are usually followed;

  • Who is the information for?

  • Using easy words

  • Use images to support the text

  • Large print

  • Plain fonts

  • Short sentences

Of course easy read might not be the best choice for someone. Not everyone with a learning disability will find easy read useful. For some people it might be easier to talk to someone, or watch a video.

For more information on producing easy read try looking at our new guide  and PowerPoint. You can use these to teach yourself how to produce easy read or you can use them to help train others too. Don’t forget that we also have other guides on the easy on the I ‘How to Use’ page as well, including links to advice from other organisations. You can also register for our free image bank for resources that you might find useful.

If you can’t find exactly what you need you can find other information on producing easy read on our easy on the i image bank page or by visiting some of the places on our easy on the i links page.